It’s no secret that some of the most annoying problems that people have with their computers involve the process of them slowing down to an absolute crawl.  It drives me nuts when it takes 5 minutes to boot up my computer (or as we Brits say, warm up), or thirty seconds just to open up my internet browser.  When I try to help out my friends who have these problems there are always a few common threads causing the issues.

The first cause is malware and spyware.  This tends to happen when people download a program and install it, but little do they know that there are other programs piggybacking onto your computer as well!  This happened to me recently.  I downloaded a program to open .rar compressed files, and along with that program came a thing called Conduit.  It took over my browser and made it impossible to search because it changed all my settings.  It also changed my default home page!  The nerve!  I didn’t know what else it was doing behind the scenes, and I do a lot of ecommerce and banking on my PC.  So I had to figure out a way to get it off my PC completely.  I did a little research and found that it could be an extremely difficult process to do it manually so I used a program called Spyhunter 4 to get rid of it completely.

Another cause of computer difficulties is just general clutter.  People store everything but the kitchen sink on their computers nowadays, and they fill up fast.  Even with larger hard drives it can fill up quickly.  I suggest to everyone that they do not fill up the hard drive that the Windows operating system resides on.  If you can, get a second hard drive to store photos, videos, and other non-essential information on that drive.  You can still access it when you need it, but at least it’s not cluttering the main drive.  Windows needs a little bit of space to breathe.  In addition, you should limit the amount of software that you install on your computer as some of it is not coded or programmed well and can run in the background, hogging resources.  This means don’t download useless games, screen savers, and other unnecessary programs.  These usually come with spyware, malware, and adware as well.